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We take pride in the exceptional care we provide our patients. Here women have their own comfortable, calm space to feel empowered and encouraged to embrace wellness. For decades, I’ve taken care of generations of women, mothers, daughters and granddaughters. I believe that women’s primary care should be different. I believe that wellness encompasses mind, body and soul and in this blog will give you advice using my philosophy and my expertise as an internal medicine physician. 

Mary Lizabeth Aquavia, MD, Medical Director
Women’s Health Program,
Waterbury HEALTH

‘Tis The Season – For Ticks

Summer is the time of year when we need to be especially vigilant for ticks, which may be present in the grass, bushes, or undergrowth, waiting for a warm body to latch onto.
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Summer Sun Safety. Don’t Get Burned!

Summer is here! And that means many of us will be outdoors enjoying all the fun activities that the warm weather allows. While it is always important to be safe in the sun no matter the season, it is especially critical to protect yourself when the weather is hottest.
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That Warning Sign Might Be a Stroke of Luck

Being able to recognize the symptoms of stroke could save your life! For many women, stroke is not really on their radar when it comes to important health concerns. But it should be.
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Healthy Bones…Healthy Body

Our bones may feel hard and virtually indestructible to us. In reality, bones are living tissue that is constantly being built and replaced.
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Does Your Wine Make You Whine?

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month and it’s the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves not just about the serious potential health consequences of heavy drinking but also to think about ways in which we can manage our alcohol intake – and find alternate ways to handle the stresses of daily life that may be causing us to overindulge.
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Oh, Sugar, Sugar! When Too Much of a Good Thing Really Is Too Much!

Many people do not realize how prevalent diabetes is. In fact, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. According to the CDC, about 34 million Americans are diabetic, 88 million are prediabetic, and an additional 7.3 million have undiagnosed diabetes. So, a little over 40% of the US population has either diabetes or prediabetes.
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February is a wonderful month dedicated to love and hearts! Take charge of your #hearthealth by KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS!!!

Women develop heart disease just as often as men but usually it presents 10 years later. Chest pain is still the most common symptom but sometimes it can occur at rest, during sleep or as a result of mental stress. We are fortunate that we have The Women’s Health Initiative, which has been studying more than 30,000 women for 20-plus years...
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New Year, New You.

For many of my patients, the start of a new year is an opportunity to make positive changes in their lives. Losing weight is nearly always at the top of their list of new year’s intentions...
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