How to make an appointment

An appointment can be made by calling the location where you physician practices between the hours of 8:30 am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

What to bring to an appointment

  • Insurance Cards
  • Photo Identification (Driver's license or ID card, work or student badge)
  • Social security card or number
  • Any medical information you might have (X-rays, laboratory results, previous doctor reports etc.)
  • All your medications (both prescription medicines and any you bought at the pharmacy (i.e., vitamins, cold remedies etc.)
  • Co-payment if your insurance requires it at time of service (we accept cash, check, and credit card payments)
  • Someone to translate for you if you do not speak English
  • If you need a referral to see one of our specialists, please obtain it before your appointment.

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before your appointment so that our reception staff can verify your registration data.

Appointment reminders

Alliance Medical Group uses a state-of-the-art, computerized program that tracks your medical care needs and sends you a pre-recorded message when you are due for an office visit, tests, or other services.

How to change or cancel an appointment

Our office requires a 24-hour notice when canceling or changing appointments. Please call our office as soon as you realize your appointment must be canceled or changed.

If you are going to be late for your appointment

Please call our office as soon as you can if you are going to be late for an appointment so that an appropriate solution can be developed. A patient who arrives more than 15 minutes after his/her appointment is considered a late arrival. A late arrival, not considered to be the responsibility of the Practice, will be registered and worked into the schedule as soon as possible. If a patient is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment may be rescheduled.

Appointment No-Shows

Any patient who fails to arrive for a scheduled appointment without cancelling the appointment at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time is considered a "no-show." A no-show patient may be charged $25.00, as set by the Practice, for failure to show. A patient who fails to present themselves two times for scheduled appointments is considered a chronic no-show. A patient who is a no-show three times may be dismissed from the practice.

If the office is closed due to severe weather or power failure:

We will attempt to contact all patients scheduled for appointments to alert them of this issue.