At Waterbury Health, we understand the importance of musculoskeletal health for an active, happy and healthy life. Our Orthopedic Services can help when pain, mobility issues and emergent accidents arise to get you back to living a fulfilling life.

Through a multidisciplinary team approach, we provide a full array of services – from non-surgical pain management of minor afflictions to advanced, minimally invasive (arthroscopic) procedures for correcting major injuries and skeletal deformities.

Whether the patient is a young athlete eager to return to the lineup or a retiree determined to regain mobility diminished by age, our goal is to maximize function and help our patients get back to their lives more quickly.

World-Class, Award-Winning Care

While at Waterbury Hospital, you will be cared for by a team that oversees your treatment from pre-surgical assessments and education, to surgical procedures, post-operative care and rehabilitation.

Our team of highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants have specialized training in various subspecialties and practice using the latest surgical techniques, medical approaches, imaging technology, pain management, state-of-the-art materials, rehabilitation therapies and prevention measures to ensure that every patient has the best possible outcome.

They also coordinate your care with other medical professionals in neurosurgery, sports medicine, pain management, anesthesiology, radiology, internal medicine, physical therapy and more to ensure the most effective and individualized treatment of your orthopedic condition.

Our Services

Our Commitment to Deliver Quality Care

To assure the highest quality care for all patients, the entire orthopedic
medical staff – surgeons and physician assistants – meet every week to
discuss orthopedic-related topics.

Weekly Orthopedic Conference
The entire orthopedic team comes together to discuss and examine
trending orthopedic topics.

Weekly Joint Replacement Conference
All orthopedic surgeons meet to review pre- and post-operative joint replacement cases. This review examines simple outpatient procedures
to the most advanced and complex procedures and treatment options.