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Visiting the Emergency Department


Things to know

Your visit here:

When you arrive, you will be asked to signin and provide the reason for your visit to the Emergency Department (ED).

A nurse will take your vital signs and ask you more detailed questions about your symptoms and medical history.

Our doctors will examine you and order additional tests required for accurate diagnosis.

Visiting the ED with Children

We treat the littlest patients as well as adults. We recognize that bringing a child for emergency treatment can be difficult. Many of our Emergency Department staff members are parents too. Based on your child’s age, there are different approaches and distractions we can provide. For example, we have toys, crayons and books. Please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help our littlest patients in any way we are able.

Helpful Information

Televisions are located in the waiting room and several of the Emergency Department treatment rooms.

Snack machines are located in the alcove entrance of the waiting room. The cafeteria is located on the first floor.

The coffee bar is located in the main lobby. If you are waiting to be seen, please ask the triage nurse if you can eat or drink before the doctor sees you.

Admission to the Hospital

Please be assured that while in our emergency department, you will receive exceptional treatment and care. If the decision is made that you require admission to the hospital, our staff will arrange for a bed.


The ED physician will review your care and diagnosis. You will get discharge instructions called “Aftercare Instructions.” The nurse or doctor will carefully explain your instructions, your medical prescriptions and will answer any questions about your care.