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Heritage Village Wellness Liaison

The Waterbury HEALTH family of services offers exceptional healthcare services in the home!

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy ……….at home! 
  • Urgent Care Services…….at home!
  • Blood Draw and Lab Services…….at home!
  • Telemedicine Primary Care Services from the comfort of home!
  • VNA Health at Home is a top-rated home health service!

Our Heritage Village Wellness Liaison is ready to help guide you through your healthcare journey and help arrange the services you need.

Call Sandy Micalizzi, RN at 203-264-2109.

Now part of Waterbury HEALTH comprehensive services in Southbury.

Our Goal

Creating a truly innovative and comprehensive health and wellness program, centered around a wellness liaison service that that is a unique model in Connecticut which brings care to Village residents, close to home and, in many cases, in the home helping them keep their independence.


Introducing a wellness liaison model of care that help Heritage Village assessing needs of residents, matching them with services and providing information. Leverage the expansive network of caregivers and services of the Waterbury HEALTH network while keeping Heritage Village residents’ home, or close to home whenever possible.

Our services:

Wellness Liaison – Waterbury HEALTH can provide a one-call solution for referrals and direct connection to our large family of services.

The wellness liaison is there to help! Whether it be social services, in home care, rehabilitation, a safety visit, and so on, a call will guide you to the most appropriate Waterbury HEALTH services.

  • Person with breadth of knowledge about local healthcare and other services and resources including social services and home safety
  • Assesses needs and matches needs to resources. This person can also schedule appointments because they have access to schedules.
  • Available, with just a phone call (203)-264-2109.

In Home Urgent Care – When safe to do so, Waterbury HEALTH can send an Advanced Practice Nurse with all necessary diagnostic equipment and treatment supplies to the home for URGENT needs. This service is provided thanks to a partnership between Waterbury HEALTH and Dispatch Health and is currently available in Southbury.

  • This service will be available 365 days a year, including all holidays, from 8:00AM to 10:00PM. Patients can avoid travel outside the home to an urgent care or emergency room. This is truly the return of the “house call”. Click here to learn more.

Telemedicine – Where appropriate, your Waterbury HEALTH doctor can communicate with patients via smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Primary Care Services are also offered at different locations including in Southbury.

Lab Services – A member of the Waterbury HEALTH lab team can schedule lab drawing in the home or at a convenient location within the village.

  • This is a service we offered prior to COVID-19 pandemic and are reintroducing.

In Home Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy – Access Rehab, a part of Waterbury HEALTH has a robust home therapy program. Click here to learn more.

VNA – Waterbury HEALTH’s VNA Health at Home can provide top quality care for those who need regularly scheduled skilled care and assistance in the home. Click here to learn more.

Specialists – Waterbury HEALTH employs the largest number of physician specialists of any health system in the area. When a specialist is needed, the Waterbury HEALTH team will be to schedule a visit with the appropriate specialist in order to provide the needed care and consultation. Just click here to find out more.

Wellness and Preventive Medicine – Waterbury HEALTH can provide regularly scheduled interactive information sessions for Village residents with a focus of staying healthy. Sessions can be attended in-person or virtually.

  • Waterbury HEALTH can make its specialty providers available to answer questions and give tips and advice on staying healthy.
  • Medication review sessions with a pharmacist.

Safety Inspections - Waterbury HEALTH caregivers can also conduct home visits to evaluate living conditions and can make adjustments or suggestions aimed at preventing injury.